Frontend Developer


  • 2 steps to become a part of Finmap: Recruiter short intro talk and professional interview
  • From $2000, depending on skills
  • Work on the product
  • Young, ambitious team without endless bureaucratic processes
  • Encouragement to develop and grow

Required skills and experience

  • Experience with, React.js,TypeScript
  • 1+ years of work experience
  • Understanding of cross-browser/platform issues
  • Experience with mobile development React-Native
  • Understanding of Usability and User Experience Design
  • Experience with client-side code performance optimization
  • Experience building web and mobile apps from scratch
  • Translate business requirements into technical specifications

Zones of responsibility

  • Monitor the stability of the product
  • Scale and fit the design to different browsers and platforms
  • Work with simple designs
  • Ability to fix bugs and provide automated software testing will be a plus

Would be a plus:

  • Good Familiarity with bundlers such as webpack.
  • Experience with other frontend frameworks such as Angular, Vue, Flutter, etc.
  • Some experience with

Type of employment: Full time / Remote

Finmap is a cashflow management tool that helps small and mid sized businesses like agencies, service companies, developers, and project-based companies to get real-time visibility on what’s going on in their business in terms of money, avoid cash gaps and make right decisions.


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