Senior HR Generalist

We offer:

  • Salary: of $2500, depending on your experience and skills
  • Completely remote
  • An ambitious global and fast growing SaaS project 
  • Cool team and work directly with founders 
  • Rely on Finmap for external/internal education and needed resources 
  • Become a part of huge startup community with connections all over the world
  • We have an exceptional culture of supporting our employees from encouraging trainings to establishment of an effective work/life alignment 

Desired qualities and skills

  • Headhunting, experience in hiring foreigners
  • Experience in building HR processes
  • Attention to detail, scrupulousness, analytical type of thinking
  • Love for one’s work, well-developed emotional intelligence, multitasking, consistency
  • Desire to grow and achieve


✔ Oversee recruitment processes during all stages 

✔ Employee On-boarding/off-boarding 

✔ HR Policy Management

✔ Building and sustaining internal processes

✔ Oversee HR Asst. processing

✔ Comp & Benefit Administration

✔ Employee Relations

✔ HR analytics

✔ HR Compliance

✔ Сooperate with a business psychologist. 

Required knowledge and experience

  • 3-5 years of experience as an HR Generalist or similar role
  • Degree or certificates in HR or related field
  • Proficiency in Ukrainian and English languages
  • Experience of managing an international remote team 
  • Work experience in dynamically growing companies, startups and any similar organizations

Type of employment: Full time / Remote

Finmap is a cashflow management tool that helps small and mid sized businesses like agencies, service companies, developers, and project-based companies to get real-time visibility on what’s going on in their business in terms of money, avoid cash gaps and make right decisions.


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