Privacy policy

This Regulation on personal data processing stipulates the procedure for obtaining and using by a legal entity “FINMAP” Limited Liability Company personal data about the user during registration on the website of the Supplier Also, this Regulation establishes measures for protection of personal data, and liability for its violation in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

Meaning of terms used in this Regulation

Service Provider – FINMAP Limited Liability Company, which provides services of organization and maintenance of financial accounting, information about which is available on the website (hereinafter – the website). E-mail address – User – a person who has registered on the website by filling out the appropriate registration form. Personal data – user name, phone number, e-mail, skype. Agent – a person who, on behalf of the service provider or under its instructions, processes registration forms. This can be an employee of the service provider, or any other individual involved by it to organize provision of services.

Data collection

When a user registers on the Service Provider’s website, the provider’s internal tracking system automatically receives a message from the website with the User’s personal data.

Objectives of data processing

The service provider uses personal data for the following purposes:

  • processing of registration forms, which may also include entry of user’s personal data into the internal tracking systems of the service provider (CRM-systems, etc.);
  • providing information support to the user in case of questions;
  • sending informational or commercial notices about services;
  • settlement of legal issues. The service provider may use personal data to resolve legal disputes or complaints related to the continued provision of services to the user, and to protect its rights.

The service provider may engage its agents to fulfill any of the above purposes of personal data processing. In this case, the service provider shall notify such agent of this provision with written acknowledgement. After reading this provision, the agent shall be fully responsible for violation of procedure and purposes of personal data processing defined in this provision. If, as a result of the agent’s actions / omissions, any damage / compensation shall be collected from the service provider, or any sanctions shall be imposed on it for violating the legislation related to personal data protection, the agent shall be obliged to fully compensate the service provider for such fines and recoveries


The service provider shall take technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access to its tracking system by any other person. The service provider takes technical and organizational measures to protect information it receives from the user. Technical and organizational measures include use of an encrypted HTTPS protocol in the service provider’s tracking system, which eliminates risk of interference by third parties during transmission of information from the website. The login and password generated by the service provider are used to access the tracking system. In order to process registration forms, the service provider may provide access to the tracking system to its agent. Agents may not disclose or pass on to any other person the password and login provided to them.

Data storage

Personal data received from the website to the provider’s tracking system is stored in the form of applications in the supplier’s tracking system from the moment of registration on the website until they are deleted by the service provider. The user has the right to receive information about a specific period of storage of their personal data. To do this, they need to request relevant information from the service provider by sending an e-mail to the provider’s e-mail. The user’s personal data is stored indefinitely until deleted in accordance with requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection”.

User rights

The user has the right to access information on how their personal data is processed and stored. The user has the right to:

  • send a request to the e-mail address to obtain a copy of their personal data stored by the service provider;
  • inform the service provider about any changes in their personal data or ask to make adjustments;
  • send a request to the service provider to delete personal data or to restrict its processing, as well as to object to any of the ways in which the service provider uses personal data;
  • send a request to the service provider to transfer their personal data to another person.


The service provider provides answers to all users’ questions about processing of personal data, as well as considers any complaints of users related to processing of personal data, if received by e-mail.

Questions or complaints

The service provider is liable for damage caused to the user in violation of this provision.

The effect of the provision

The service provider may update this provision at any time, the new version of the provision shall enter into force upon its posting on the Internet at the address specified in this paragraph. The current version of the regulation is always on the page at