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Cash flow management
for modern businesses
The online service that eliminates chaos in finances and helps you make your business more profitable
Integration with Revolut, Stripe, PayPal, Wise and 2000+ other
Visual analytics, graphics and reports
Live customer care 24/7
First month for free
Using our service, you will see the true state of your business and understand how to make more money
Automatically track all transactions from 2000+ banks in incomes and expenses.
Control all incomes.
Know all future payments and expenses in advance.
Avoid cash gaps.
Understand book balances at the end of a day.
Easily analyze funds and profits through clear, concise, graphs.
Track expenses by categories, contractors and counterparties.
Collect all data and transactions on different projects.
Security and anonymity
We use 256-bit SSL encryption, the latest security standard used by international corporations and banks.
Service operates in a cloud, no data is stored on your computer (impossible to simply copy or infect with a virus).
We do not require any official data about your company.
Handy Telegram chat-bot
Manage your cashflow in a few clicks.
Step-by-step hints, such as choosing a contractor, currency, and adding a new counterparty
All data from the chat-bot goes immediately to Finmap on other devices and in your browser.
Live customer care 24/7
We do not use any bots or autoreply in our customer service as a matter of principle. Only real and competent people take care of our customers.
Our operators help you complete your tasks on whatever platform is comfortable for you: Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp
The goal of our customer care department is to help you better understand and manage your finances.
They already use Finmap
We know current requests
from businesses from the inside
Finmap founders have combined their experience and expertise to develop a modern financial culture and help entrepreneurs develop their businesses in new ways.
Oleksandr Solovei
Serial entrepreneur, speaker of Unit School of Business, LABA, Startup Ukraine
Business models, strategy,
team building
Ivan Kaunov
IT-entrepreneur, co-founder of BusinessLab and Pix.backpack
Cash flow management, business processes, financial models
Dmytro Dubilet
Co-founder of monobank, Smartass, Checkbox
Mass IT products, marketing, strategy
Roman Vernadskyi
Owner of Digital Revolution
The most critical aspect for a small business is planned cashflow. Finmap has a great payment calendar, which is why I settled upon it. Thanks to wonderful customer care, everything started up pretty quickly. We felt its value at once. The main problem we wanted to solve was cash gaps and the inability to track the free funds (those real money that we can reinvest). This issue has been resolved on 100%..
Oleh Zimbrovskyi
Online store and distribution of veterinary equipment
I don't remember how I came to Finmap. I only remember I tested it. I liked that the service was very simple and I could see the profitability of my expenses. Thanks to Finmap, I dismissed the team, because I saw all the profits were made by me, not the sales department. So, the next day I said: "Everyone is free to go".
Alexei Uzhvii
Marketing agency
I needed Finmap to keep track of cashflows and provide this information to anyone (in our case, investors). We got a 100% solution to this problem. The service is convenient, it is not loaded with functionality, and there is nothing superfluous in it. Nice interface, you can edit the whole story.
Yevgenii Kravets
Online store for breastfeeding mothers
I spent only a day on the implementation of the service. It was very easy to figure it out. I sent only a couple of questions to support. We wanted to solve the problem of cash flow management for current expenses and income and practically solved it as of today. In the service, I can quickly see when and how much money was spent. I see the costs of salaries, advertising and other costs, and quickly compare them with the previous period.
Sergei Izmailov
Owner of an IT company
I chose your service because I like this kind of solutions. I went in, everything is clear, and everything works. Simplifies work with P&L a lot: 10-15 minutes and everything is done.
Nikolai Gordienko
We wanted to understand how much money we earn, and how much we spend in different categories. And to see which direction is profitable, and which one is costly. Finmap helped solve this problem. Now everything is clear. The service is very convenient - I just fill in the data and I can immediately see all the information for any period.
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Oksana Muzyka
Melkom Po Nebu Studio
Konstantin Laptev
Marketing agency
Alyona Grinchenko
LBK Production, LBK Agency
Product business
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